Governed by BAC Group Corporate Policy, we operate precisely calibrated systems to supply safe,

reliable and satisfying inflight meals that meet the highest standards of hygiene.



We adhere rigorously to HACCP hygiene management, strictly controlling every stage from menu development and procurement of ingredients through to cooking and supply. Our facilities are inspected by government and specialist agencies, as well as undergoing our own internal checkups and frequent upgrades. Our production plants are custom-designed to meet global standards for inflight meal production.

We at BAC also have our own laboratories, where expert inspectors perform microbiological examination of products, ingredients and equipment. Feedback and data from these tests are used in menu development, the selection of ingredients and on-site work procedures, further contributing to improvement. All our employees are fully trained to comply with hygiene rules and standards, and hygiene has a prominent place in our staff development program.


Safety has the highest priority in BAC’s procedures for driving, operating and loading catering trucks.
Our operators undergo three months of one-to-one training, followed by a rigorous succession of in-house tests. Other measures are incorporated into our daily routines, including safety patrols, incident drills and risk assessment education.

We believe this standard of vigilance is as vital as any other feature in the production and supply of world-beating inflight meals.

BAc safety