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At BAC, we are entirely focused on sustaining our position as Thailand’s leading airline caterer. Our guiding principle is the provision of excellence in products and services, for each of our partner airlines and for every one of their passengers. BAC’s world-class team is dedicated to achieving the compliance our partners demand, combining quality with impeccable care.

I believe we achieve 100% reliability partly because of the stimulating environment provided for our employees, along with a program of opportunities for their professional development and personal growth.

Linus A.E. Knobel
Managing Director, BAC Group



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“Alert to Diversity – Ready for Changing Needs”
At BAC, we respond swiftly to the airline industry’s diverse needs - not to mention unpredictable global events. This approach has earned us an enviable reputation and the trust of an expanding customer base. Since our establishment in 2004, Bangkok Air Catering has grown to serve five Thai airports: Suvarnabhumi, Phuket, Chiang Mai, Samui, and Don Mueang.

The environment surrounding air travel is constantly changing, as competition intensifies. In response, our in-flight meals provide a passenger experience beyond mere satisfaction, while safety and peace of mind are guaranteed. Our customer-oriented watchwords are “For Your Delight”. Our employees strive to view everything we do from the perspective of the customer. We are united by our shared ideals of value creation and excellence, with a global outlook that sees the changing world as a place of opportunity.

Mohammad Farran, General Manager, Bangkok Air Catering

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Becoming the Global Excellence
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BAC is committed to sustaining its place as a top independent in-flight catering company by always…

Emphasizing total customer satisfaction.

Ensuring the highest standards of hygiene and the finest quality products and service.

Building genuine, lasting and beneficial partnerships with all our customers.
Providing our employees with the option to enjoy a rewarding and challenging career with opportunities for development and growth. Our employees are our greatest asset.

Protecting the environment through best practice in energy conservation, waste treatment and emissions.