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At the heart of BAC is an all-new, 20,000 square meter independent catering facility at Suvarnabhumi Airport. Opened in September 2006, the building is designed to reflect the company’s commitment to efficiency, quality and a progressive outlook.

The facility’s domestic and International kitchens have a combined capacity for 25,000 meals per day.

In addition, the catering unit has a specially designated area with a Halal certified kitchen, which has a daily capacity for up to 5,000 meals.

We have also added a fully-certified and officially supervised Kosher kitchen, in its own strictly separated area.


Bangkok Air Catering strictly adheres to HACCP standards, from receiving, preparation and production of food, right through to loading into the aircraft.

All staff receive extensive training which ensures complete separation of production personnel from delivery personnel to avoid the slightest risk of contamination.  In addition, every new employee is required to undergo stringent medical checks to comply with HACCP standards.

BAC has ISO 9001:2000 certification, and its facility is designed accordingly.

Our closed-circuit surveillance system is strategically located to monitor the movement of all goods and to guarantee maximum security for the facility.

BAC has successfully completed a security audit by the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO), which found its oversight systems to be flawless.

Our in-house micro-biological laboratory governs each step of the food production process,as well as the hygienic condition of all tools and equipment. The facility’s ambient temperature is always optimized to ensure the highest food safety standards


BAC prides on conforming scrupulously to the requirements of our customers, with experienced chefs from different culinary and cultural backgrounds who produce our variety of authentic Asian, Middle Eastern and Western cuisines.

Beyond a shadow of doubt, it’s the combination of our chefs’ expertise and our careful programming of recipes that guarantees the quality of BAC meals.  That’s not to mention our association with our parent company, Bangkok Airways, whose reputation for serving high quality food on board is second to none.

Setting the seal on our commitment to our customers and their passengers, the world-class private Bangkok Hospital and its Nutrition Department act as our advisors on special dietary needs.



With special emphasis placed on the conservation of both energy and manual labor, BAC has spared no expense in sourcing the best quality, state-of-the-art industrial equipment from the world’s most famous brands:

– Elro (equipment for our International kitchen) – our Swiss based partner for heavy duty, hot-kitchen equipment utilizes the most advanced technology to manufacture its high-quality appliances expressly for the catering industries.

– Salva (bakery and pastry equipment) – established seventy years ago and now active in over eighty countries, Salva specializes in ovens and other apparatus for the bakery, confectionary and catering sectors, and has developed unrivalled production systems.

– Hussmann (cold room and refrigeration system) – Hussmann is a global refrigeration business that supplies total cooling and climate control solutions to the food care industry.  It has introduced countless refrigeration innovations during the past century.

– Wimbock (kitchen ventilation ceilings) – part of the Holton group, Wimbock is the creator of the closed ventilation ceiling system and market leader in ventilation technology.  Reflecting BAC’s determination to provide a fine environment for its people, Wimbock is dedicated to optimizing kitchen working conditions.

– Diskomat (kitchenware washing systems) – this Stockholm-based engineering company carries out layout, design, manufacturing and installation of handling for the dishwasher industry. They also provide integrated washing and cleaning systems as well as a full range of dry setting machines.

– Envac Automated Waste Collection (vacuum waste disposal systems) – we like Envac’s vacuum waste handling system because it is modern, simple, clean – and environmentally friendly.