Airline Catering

Our unit complies with HACCP/GMP standards, assuring you and your passengers of top quality and the safest products. Flexibility is our strength.  We are able to produce any type or nationality of food. What we agree and commit to is what we deliver to passengers – without fail, every time.

Our unit is fully HALAL-compliant, certified by The Central Islamic Committee of Thailand. The

small non-Halal kitchen is a clearly separated section.

Occupying its own completely separate area, our Kosher kitchen is fully certified and overseen by Thai Kashrut Services.

Airport VIP lounge

We are able to provide food and service staff to meet the highest expectations of VIP lounge passengers. Food of world-beating quality and impeccably trained staff ensure VIP passengers’ complete satisfaction .

Private Jet / Charter

We supply food and service to VIP flights and private jets. Our international team of professional chefs devises unique menus, which are produced with the very best of local materials to delight the most demanding of palates.  Customized menus are also available to meet specific requirements and individual tastes .

Kosher Meals

We produce and provide Kosher meal boxes with the most advanced freezing technology, so that the food keeps its freshly-cooked quality after thawing. A variety of meal types and grades are available for you to choose from.